Summer Forest  Curvy Mug Liz Proffetty Ceramics Item#Mg4

Summer Forest Curvy Mug Liz Proffetty Ceramics Item#Mg4

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 12 oz Hand thrown porcelain with both satin smooth and glossy artist produced glazes. 

This piece invokes images of the lush green growth of leaves and mosses in Maine's forests.The top half of the piece shines like glass while the inside is smooth as satin.

Each one of my pieces reflects the ethereal and evolving scenery of Maine’s natural landscapes. From the vibrant green mosses and pine forests of spring, the hazy fields of wildflowers on the hottest days of midsummer, the salt marshes and seashores at sunset, the red and rocky blueberry fields in autumn, and the sleeping winter worlds laying dormant under blankets of heavy snow. In addition to imagery each piece is created in a manner that enables the user to feel the physical effort and joy put forth in its making. Every object’s surface offers individual texture and form. Through the incised lines of my tools, the sweeping of liquid clay from my brush, and the impressions and folds from the work of my hands, a piece is created that is truly and wholly unique in a way machine manufacturing can never authentically replicate.