Firing Work


We may agree to fire your work for you if can answer a few basic questions, but we reserve the right to refuse.  Your best odds of having work fired here is to have taken at least one class with us or have purchased your clay and glazes here. There are some basics of clay work that cannot be ignored and we don’t wish to put our equipment or others work at risk. Here are some questions for you to consider

1. What is the type of clay? You will need the Brand, the distributor and the number associated with it.
2. Who made the work? Is it more than an inch thick in any one area? Who supervised the making?
3. Was the work bisque-fired? Do you know the term?
4. What glazes have been applied? You will need the Brand, the name of the glaze and a picture of the bottle it came from. If this isn’t a commercial glaze then more information will be required. Will glazes run off the work onto and damage shelves?
Firing work for others is a potentially risky business and we don’t make these decisions lightly as our equipment is at risk  for clay melt-downs, glaze drips and explosions which can also affect the work of our students. Working with clay can be very technical and it is important to understand the process in order to have your work fired outside of the classroom setting.
We charge $150 per kiln load and is paid in advance. Or if you have less than a kiln load we will calculate the firing cost at 5 cents per cubic inch, plus a $2 per piece handling charge using this online calculator . You are welcome to estimate the cost from this calculator, but the official cost must be calculated in person.  We require a credit card to hold for any potential damages to the kiln and shelves.