Raku and BBQ Thurs Aug 23 4-6pm

Raku and BBQ Thurs Aug 23 4-6pm

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There are two things potters love most--fire and food.  A Raku firing is possibly one of the most exciting things we potters do and everyone is invited to participate. 

 We take pieces of glazed or unglazed pottery and put them in a kiln.  When the kiln is glowing bright red the pieces are removal from the kiln while still glowing hot, then placed in a container filled with combustible materials like paper, sawdust, straw.  There is a lot of smoke and heat for a few but when the pots emerge the are magical.  You just have to come try it you will love it!  

You can use one of the pieces of pottery we have made for the occasion or bring your own bisqued work. 

Bring some food for the grill, something to share and BYOB.  Let make it a party!

Wear close toed shoes, long sleeves and pants made of natural fabrics preferably. 

Children 12 and up are welcome to attend but must be closely supervised by an adult. 

$35 per person