Functional Hand-building Wednesday 6:00-8:00

Functional Hand-building Wednesday 6:00-8:00

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An exciting, fun and relaxing classes for all levels. Learn all about clay, wheel-throwing techniques, hand building, and the process of glazing and firing.

This 8 week class explores a variety of hand-building techniques and surface decorations with an emphasis on creating functional pottery. It is prefect for any ability or experience level. Plates, platters, bowls and even a teapot are some of the possibilities. There will be lessons although you are welcome to bring in your own ideas and inspirations . All students are welcome to try throwing on the wheel as well. All work will be fired to cone 6 and finished in dinnerware safe glazes. Ages 16 and up. 
Cost$ 280

Tuition: $280, but maybe paid in two parts ($145 at registration and $145 at 4 weeks)

This class can be pro-rated so you may start before or after the start date and the price can be adjusted accordingly. 

All 8-week classes include: 25lbs of cone 5 clay, studio glaze and slips, firing, open studio time.  We encourage students to take classes that match their skill level and interest, however we understand that scheduling is a major factor for most students.  As a result most classes are mixed level students, all levels are welcome in any classes that fit your schedule.